November 12, 2016

Frequently Asked Questions


1) How do I book an adventure?

Book adventures online 24 hrs in advance at Saturdays may be booked online with only 1 hrs notice! If you want to see if we can get you in for an impromptu booking, please feel free to call 607.873.7108.

2) Will I be playing with other participants?

You may be paired with other players unless you book all of the available spots in a room. ( Murder Mystery -10 , Site 3 Sci- Fi -12 ) If you desire a private adventure, simply book all available slots or contact us and we will do our best to work with you to accommodate your group as we are able.

3) How much do your Escape Room Adventures cost?

$28.00 per person plus tax. Group Rates provide a $3 discount per person when booking 10 or more people at one time.

4) Do you offer discounts or coupons?

YES! We have periodic themed days with specials savings – flash sales on Facebook, community days, college days, family days, and random promotions! Like us on Facebook and sign up on our e-mail list to receive information on upcoming promotions., you may save $3/person any time by booking 10 or more people at the same time.

5) Group Rates / Private Adventures – How do I book an entire room?

We offer a discount of $3 per person when booking 10 or more people at one time. The website will automatically apply the discount when you check out online.

For a private adventure, please book all available spots in the room (the group rate will apply).

6) How do I book multiple participants at the same time?

Simply select the number of players you will be bringing when you sign up for the escape room. If your group wants to pay separately, simply have them all book at the same time from their own device for the same time slot.

7) Do I need to book in advance?

Yes. We strongly recommend booking 24 hrs in advance online. To make reservations, click BOOK NOW. If you are unable to book online, you may contact us directly by calling 607.873.7108. On Saturdays, bookings can be made online with only 1 hrs notice!

Walk-ins are welcome any day of the week if we can accommodate you — however we cannot guarantee room availability and staffing without prior reservations. However, we are more than willing to call our Adventure Guides to see if anyone is available. Feel free to call in and check! If you are feeling spontaneous, another way to ensure better chances of a walk-in is to take advantage of the open slots in another already scheduled group. You can do this by checking online to see how many slots are open in already booked rooms – in these cases an Adventure Guide is already scheduled and you have a much better chance of getting right in.

8) How do I pay?

Participants pay online when booking their time slot. Gift Certificates are available at Great Escape Adventures (a gift certificate includes a promotional code that is entered online instead of requiring payment).

9) Are bathrooms available to use prior to the beginning of my adventure?

Yes, we are located in a community mall that offers public restrooms. They are located in the center court food area on the 2nd floor. Ruby Tuesday’s is near us and also offers restrooms. Please be sure to use the restrooms before arriving for your adventure.

10) How long is each Escape Room Adventure?

We recommend planning for a total of 90 minutes. Each adventure is 60 minutes long and will begin promptly at your start time. Plan to arrive early to spend 15 minutes preparing and briefing, and 15 minutes after to debrief and take photos.

11) Is there an age limit?

Ages 8 and up may derive greater enjoyment due to the difficulty of the content. Players 13 and under must be supervised by a paying adult.

Children under 5 years of age are welcome if you have booked the entire room. They will be able to participate by helping to look for clues, but they may not derive as much satisfaction as older participants due to the content being geared for an older audience (If you book the entire room and choose to bring young children, please be aware that strong supervision will be required as there are small objects and breakable components that are unsafe and could pose a choking hazard. If you bring young children, please understand that you are accepting full responsibility as a parent for the safety and welfare of your children). Child care is available at the very near to our store inside the Arnot Mall at Wiggles and Giggles. Mention Great Escape Adventures to save $1 per hour.

12) Do you offer discounts for children under 8 years of age?

Infants that are fully contained in a sling are free. Children are full price as they do require a spot in the room. If you have booked all available open slots in the adventure, then children 7 years of age and under may enter with you at no additional charge (please be aware that our rooms do have occupancy limitations of 12 people for the Murder Mystery, and 14 people for the Site 3 SciFi adventure).

13) Am I really going to be “locked” in a room?

No. You will be in a room with a lockable door, and our staff will be readily available the whole time. You will be able to leave for any reason, however if you leave the room prior to the end of the adventure you will be unable to re-enter (unless it is a private adventure).

14) How early should I arrive for my game?

Please arrive at least 15 minutes prior to your game start time. Games will begin exactly at their start times and being late will cause you to have less time to play.

15) Do you offer refunds?

You are able to reschedule your time slot online up to 1 week prior to your start time, however admission fees are non-refundable. To reschedule a booking, return to the confirmation e-mail you were sent and click on the button toward the bottom of the e-mail that says “View/Change Booking”.

16) Can we take pictures?

You may take pictures outside of the escape room.

17) Can we take anything in with us?

Cell phones and external items detract from the adventure, and as such, a basket is provided for storing your items if you would be tempted to use them during the adventure. There is also a location to hang your coat inside the room. You may dress in character or cosplay if you choose. Drinks and food are not permitted in the escape room.

If you have any other questions or concerns, please contact us anytime at GEA@GreatEscapeAdventures.netor call 607.873.7108.

RETURN POLICY for Board Games and Merchandise – Unopened items in new saleable condition may be returned for store credit within 30 days. Rarely games are missing pieces or have damaged game components inside, but it does happen. We want to make this as pain free as possible — manufacturers require that we first ask you to follow up with them via their website — they will typically send components out immediately. If you need contact info or get stuck, let us know so we can help! In the event the manufacturer does not resolve the issue to your satisfaction we will refund the product 100%.

PREORDERS – This special circumstance where games are ordered before they have been manufactured and distributed is subject to a 20% cancellation fee.  Why a cancellation fee?  We put hours and hours of work into preorders behind the scenes.  The cancellation fee helps to cover that time investment if a customer chooses to cancel at a later date.  Preorders are not like other board games off a shelf.  There is also typically a financial commitment that occurs between us and the manufacturer, distributors, as well as, negotiating, etc….to ensure we can secure a copy of a high demand game personally for you.  We are working for you behind the scenes to ensure the best customer service and products.